Yadira Ayala

Yadira Ayala

Forest School Woolly Bears Lead Instructor, Forest School Flying Squirrels Lead Instructor

Pronouns: She/They

I began immersing myself in the natural world once I experienced the healing elements it was bringing to my day to day. My nature connection journey followed alongside martial arts, inner-child healing, and learning to reparent myself. I craved self-sufficiency and wanted to further my training. I found White Pine Wilderness Academy and Persimmon Herb School. I completed the Survival Skills Pathway, became a certified herbalist and began my inner tracking as a new mom. After having my second daughter, I did a work exchange at a farm school for 6 months and lived in an off-grid cabin with my two daughters. You will currently find me working as a bi-lingual naturalist at Holliday Park coordinating nature education programs. I look forward to having the opportunity to connect with your children and foster and inspire their own love, connection and knowledge of the natural world.


  • Survival Skills Pathway
  • Certified Herbalist
  • WFA Certified
  • Bi-Lingual Naturalist at Holliday Park
  • Level I Track & Sign Cyber Tracker

My Classes