After-School Sessions in Rocky Ripple
Ages 13-17

March 15, 2024 at 12pm noon: After School Enrollment begins!
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Program Overview

Our After-School Teen Sessions are an excellent way for teens to unplug, immerse in nature, and train in wilderness skills. Teens are at the height of defining their identities and love exploring the archetypes of the Shikari Wilderness System.

Shikari is a community operating system structured around wilderness skills, naturalist training, seasonal rhythms and self empowerment, utilized for all age groups. We feel it is the most comprehensive wilderness training system available, designed to create holistic Skills Practitioners embodied in their own Peace, Power and Purpose.

Our programs guide teens through reconnecting with nature, community, ancestry, indigenous wisdom and themselves. The methodology evolved through decades of research and experimentation with Wilderness Skills and Regenerative Community Design. Focused Teens will be offered guidance through ceremonial Rites of Passage into Councils and peer groups.

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Program Location

Our After-School Sessions are located at our Rocky Ripple campus, our home base since 2014. Rocky Ripple is a quiet neighborhood, tucked in between the Indianapolis Canal and the Wapahani (White) River, and is loved by many for it’s peace and quiet. Here, we explore the beautiful woods and shorelines of the river to connect ourselves to nature.

Our campus is a private, partially-fenced space with everything you’d need for having fun learning about nature: an archery range, flint-napping area, climbing wall, primitive cob house, multiple fire pits, a yurt, a tree house, super-high monkey bars, chicken coop, skinning area, wood splitting area, individual lockers for gear, a climbing rope/swing, and so much more.

We adventure into the woods almost daily, just blocks from our campus. Rocky Ripple is a riparian habitat, exhibiting traits from both terrestrial and aquatic systems. So what do we find? Sycamore trees, wild ginger, crawdads, chickweed, sunfish, turtles, red-tailed hawks, barred owls, burdock, an occasional coyote in the distance, and so much more.

Program Structure

Our After-School Teen Sessions meet on Fridays from 4-7pm. We allow a rolling drop-off time to accommodate different school dismissal times.

We meet at a consistent location with the same teachers throughout the whole school year. Class size is limited to 10 kids, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:5. We are outside 99% of the time, with students only going inside in the case of restroom breaks or severe weather threats.

After-School Sessions are structured into 8 sessions throughout the year that each last 4 weeks. Each session dives into the Guilds, Games, Science and Training of that time of year. Families are welcome to register for any number of sessions. Keep in mind that we may offer pop-up sessions occasionally, so follow us on social media for updates.

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Program Sessions

January 8 - February 2: North Shield - Leaders Pathway

Tanning · Storytelling · Inside Sit Spot · Shelter
Practitioners of the Leaders Pathway focus on the Guilds of Tanning, Shelter, Inside Sit Spot and Storytelling. On dark winter nights, huddled around a campfire or woodstove in a yurt or lean-to, while hand softening deer hides that will be customized into clothing that lasts a lifetime, Leaders weave the stories that build the cultural values that define us. The Science of this Pathway is grounded in the Extinct, Extirpated and Protected species. Leaders remind us of the original First Nation caretakers of each place so that we can strive to build a happy and healthy community for all our relations for generations to come.

February 12 - March 8: Northeast Shield - Ascetics Pathway

Sit Spot · Bird Language · Fiber · Baskets and Pots
It is a cold, dark  February night, as the first purple light of dawn illuminates the sky. Hidden in a tall spruce tree a barred owl calls to her mate. The dawn chorus won't begin for another hour. Seated below the tree silently weaving a basket, with ears attuned to every sound, unshaken by the cold, is the poised Practitioner of the Ascetic Pathway. They are in their happy place… the liminal space between night and dawn, winter and spring. Their awareness and silence are unparalleled, their empathy supernatural.

March 18 - April 12: East Shield - Healers Pathway

Herbalism · Foraging · Caretaking · Homesteading
Healers focus on the Guilds of Herbalism, Foraging, Caretaking, and Homesteading. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a passion to help others, Healers fulfill a vital role in the community. The complexity of the plant and fungus Kingdoms provides endless opportunities for scientific research and experimentation. A life with one hand in the dirt and the other in a field guide makes for humble and happy Practitioners.

April 22 - May 17: Southeast Shield - Protectors Pathway

Strength · Fighting · Movement · Play
Movement, Strength, Fighting and Play define the Protectors Path.  Often, those called in this direction have seen the dark side of bullying and aggression. Practitioners are driven by the physical expression of health and vitality. Here they find exuberance, courage, connection and fun.  With reflexes like a cat and awareness fixed on the perimeter of camp, Protectors sleep with one eye open.

Program Team

Matt Shull

Founder, Executive Director, Shikari, Providers Instructor