Katie Glass

Katie Glass

Support Assistant

Pronouns: She/her

Katie’s childhood was mostly spent outside with her best friend on the near eastside of Indy, making milkweed soup in the alley, reading under the fir tree and playing epic games of nighttime tag across several yards. Her dad’s outdoor habits shaped Katie’s love of nature; they hiked together, stargazed, gardened, sat on the porch, watched thunderstorms roll in, and always drove with the windows down.

Katie tried college a few times with zero inspiration, and then hopped from job to job looking for meaning. But her life completely shifted when she became a stay-at-home parent. She realized the magnitude of being a parent and wanted her daughter to always be connected to the world around her. Katie and her husband found White Pine while searching for a high-quality outdoor program for kids that would foster that connection. Their daughter tried a White Pine camp in 2017 and they never looked back.

At White Pine, you’ll find Katie sharing info to all the families and helping to bring everyone together. Katie gets a lot of fulfillment interacting with all the different White Pine families and finding ways to help everyone feel welcome, important and valued. Mental health and radical self care are at the top of her daily list.

But she really gets in her flow when she can sit in silence, dwelling about the unknown and looking for the truth behind things. She has strong skills in organization and seeing the big picture, and loves finding ways to explain complex things.

Katie lives in Rocky Ripple with her soulmate husband, Derek, two kids, and sweet dog. She’s a homeschool mama, chocolate brownie lover, introvert, permaculture newbie, collector of old vinyl records, and rarely turns down an opportunity to take a good nap. She loves laughing at life with Derek, and doing just about anything with her awesome kids. She is active in the White Pine Village Council, and volunteers for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. She is also proud to be one of the only humans left on earth without a smart phone, and loves how her ancient flip phone forces her to interact with people in-person and really stay in the moment.

When asked what her favorite White Pine memory is, Katie says, “That’s got to be when one of the White Pine instructors and his partner lived in a camper in our backyard for a year. The friendship and community we built with these amazing humans was absolutely life-changing. And probably also the day our daughter came home from forest school CAKED in mud from head to toe from a fun mud day at Chocolate Slide – oh my gosh, the laundry! So worth it to see our daughter’s soul all filled up.”