Dustin McCreery

Dustin McCreery

Co-op Coordinator, Tree Frogs Lead Instructor, Forest School Scouts Lead Instructor

As a kid, Dustin was always on an adventure with his bike or skateboard in his hometown of Seymour, Indiana. Here, he explored the woods and town freely, and even began hunting and foraging when he was 5 years old. Dustin’s grandfather was a farmer, hunter and forager and passed on his skills to Dustin’s dad, who then passed them on to Dustin.

Dustin had an apprenticeship under Kenton Whitman at Rewild University, a popular and awesome wilderness school based in Wisconsin, where he also became a Head Instructor. He chose to come to White Pine because of the strong community. His most rewarding part of being at White Pine is when he’s teaching and leading roughhousing with the kids or adults. He believes there is so much to be learned about how to navigate life from the direct physical interactions found in roughhousing. And one of his very favorite memories he’s made at White Pine has been group dancing during drum circle.

Dustin’s fav place outside in Indiana is Crosley Fish and Wildlife Area, his original (and current) hunting and foraging grounds. Dustin specializes in Martial arts, meditation, hunting, archery, fire-making, and plant/mushroom ID.

When he’s not at White Pine, Dustin loves spending time with his daughter, studying, and being engaged in community building wherever he goes. His perfect weekend would include camping amongst friends and family, sharing meals around the campfire, and wrestling. And someday, he dreams of having a collaborative Martial arts/movement arts academy.

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