Teen Programs

After School Pathway Clubs (12-16)

Find your path. Build your skills.

  • What type of student are you enrolling?
    • Providers Club focuses on archery, wood chopping, cooking, and music
      • Providers After School is an Archery Club for students called to caretake the community through filling the woodshed, providing and preparing wild game, and crafting musical instruments.
    • Healers Club focuses on herbalism, foraging, caretaking, and homesteading
      • Healers After School is a Plant Club for students called to help, heal and learn about the incredible world of Plants.
    • Survivors Club focuses on wood, stone, feather and bone, and fire
      • Survivors After School is a Wilderness Survival Club for students inspired by bushcraft, survival scenarios, and reality shows like Alone.
    • Protectors Club focuses on strength, movement, fighting, and play
      • Protectors After School is a Training Club for students called to move, climb, crawl, and train in the wilderness. Protectors is for students who enjoy roughhousing and being active. They might have a natural inclination to protect others and stand up for what is right.
    • Each club has a fifth guild for Packing and Caching that provides the students guidance and mentoring in acquiring, making, and caring for the tools of their Path.
  • What time do you have availability for the club?
    • Wednesdays are for Healers
    • Thursdays are for Survivors and Protectors
    • Fridays are for Providers
    • Both clubs run from 4:00-7:00pm
  • Is my student the right age?
    • These clubs are open for ages 12 and up!

What do we have going on right now?

The Shikari Wilderness System?

The Pathways are part of The Shikari Wilderness System. Shikari is a lifelong training model and it works like this; choose a Pathway, train in the 5 Guilds of that Pathway, practice the Core Routines of that Pathway, and advance your skills in each of the Guilds from Coyote to Wolf to Warrior to Shadow all the way to Quest, then apply all the same training principles to the next Pathway of your choosing.

During the after-school sessions, students will have the opportunity to dive deep into one of these pathways over the course of many seasons. By the end of the year they will have progressed in their abilities, confidence, and comraderie within the skills. 

A great way for you to get deep into the skills is through our Teen Overnights and Expeditions!

2022-23 Yearly Schedule
  • August 15, 2022 – May 12, 2022
  • We rarely close camp for weather
  • No refunds for absences or sick days
2022-23 Forest School Breaks:

Fall Break: October 10-14, 2022
Thanksgiving Break: November 21-25, 2022
Winter Break: December 19, 2022-January 1, 2023
Spring Break: March 27 – March 31, 2023

Check out the full calendar here.