Teen Programs

White Pine’s Teen Programs are an immersive experience in our Shikari Wilderness System. We are offering three distinct opportunities at this time.

Our Fire Keepers are set for the 2022-23 summer and school year. They are our young leaders, and they have been given the technical training to begin their journey as nature and skills mentors.

The second opportunity is through our pathways. We are enrolling for our Healers, Protectors, Survivors, and Providers pathways in the After-School Club model.

The third opportunity is through our Overnights and Expeditions/Solos which will be held over the weekend. These are best suited for teens that are involved in one of the other two opportunities. If you are interested, but not involved, then reach out to Matt@whitepinewilderness.com to begin the conversation.

We work with ages 12 and up.

Upcoming camps and clubs:
After-School Clubs starting in August 4:00pm – 7:00pm

  • Wednesdays- Healers
  • Thursdays- Survivors or Protectors
  • Fridays- Providers