Nigel Cronin

Nigel Cronin

Woolly Bears Lead Instructor

Pronouns: He/him

Nigel’s childhood has been full of the outdoors, whether it’s been hiking in various state parks, backpacking in the Hoosier National Forest, doing archery at Koteewi Park, canoeing, or, of course, being at White Pine, where he’s been a Fire Keeper for the last 4 years, training to be an outdoor educator. Nigel’s excited to start his first full-time position at White Pine doing exactly what he loves: getting to see the kids grow and help them work to learn all the different skills.

When he’s not at White Pine, Nigel volunteers with RAFT, a citizen-scientist program run by the White River Alliance, where he helps to conduct water quality sampling. When asked if there’s someone who inspires him and encourages him to love the outdoors, he simply replied, “My parents”.

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