Ryan Sims

Community Director

  • Coalition builder at IDOH
  • Parent Cafe Host
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • USA Archery
  • Kamana Naturalist Level 2
  • Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hour
  • Certified Personal Trainer


Growing up in southwestern Indiana, Ryan enjoyed exploring the housing developments that surrounded his house. Through the dirt mounds and tree piles, his love of outdoor exploration led him to experience the natural areas near Bloomington, IN. Ryan remembers regularly spend nights outside with friends in any season. Once, they even built an igloo to sleep in.


Later, Ryan lived in a tent in Montana where the expansive skies and mountains offered him a deeper nature connection. There, he could listen to the beavers and deer walking around his humble home. Moving on from his tent to a bicycle to travel gave him a most surreal memory that is motivating enough to bring a nature connection to all. Ryan arrived in a park where he planned to sleep and in the distance there were gray whales splashing in the ocean. The weather misted all night. He woke early to find a a herd of elk surrounding him.

Experiences like this have made Ryan incredibly thankful for the unique qualities of each piece of life. Over the past couple of years, he has been pursuing the service of youth work as a Program Director at Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis. Ryan values the opportunity to bring his skills and passions together at White Pine for a good purpose of connecting youth and adults to their first home, the wilderness within.