Nichole Hayden

Flying Squirrels Lead Instructor

  • Indiana Master Naturalist


Greetings! I have been a lifelong lover of the great outdoors, it all started on an apple orchard in Rush county- my grandparent’s farm. I climbed trees, chased kittens and spent hours upon hours trying to catch wild birds in my makeshift trap of dog food and a laundry basket. All the days of my young childhood were out there being my grandfather’s shadow making apple cider, selling apples or riding in the old rusty black pickup truck. As I grew up, and unfortunately away, from that sacred farm, I found a new love for the natural world- it helped me feel calm, it was a giant space for my really big feelings and it was a safe space. After having children, discovering nature through their eyes was like discovering a new land everything was novel and new and amazing. When I found out about White Pine, I knew this was a place I wanted my son to be nurtured by. Little did I know that White Pine was going to nurture me, and help me reconnect with not only Mother Nature, but that playful child within me that longed to play in mud, hear stories, and witness the most beautiful patterns and colors found outside in our plant, insect, and animal allies. As a nurse, I didn’t know that I would be trading in my stethoscope for a morakniv, or a crisp uniform of scrubs for muddy rain pants and a backpack, pills for plant medicine. I am so happy to be here to help restore the nature deficit in our young people, and watching it trinkle through my own circle of friends- their friends and so on. It’s a huge privilege to watch the everyday magic unfold here at White Pine. I have so much gratitude for this amazing space.