Providers Pathway

Providers Pathway

Archery – Music (Instrument Crafting) –
Wood Splitting  – Cooking

Practitioners of the Providers Pathway train in Sustainable Hunting practices through a variety of global Archery Traditions. Students grow in focus and patience through the practice of Traditional Archery. Students are invited to connect to their own ancestry through the crafting of traditional instruments and are celebrated in the community through the sharing of music. Providers build strength and responsibility through filling the woodshed with hand-split wood and they experience abundance through preparing and sharing bush-cooked cuisine. The scientific grounding of the Providers Pathway is rooted in trees and conservation and our time of year to shine is Autumn.


Archery Guild

 We all love Archery for the challenge and the beauty of the bow and arrow in flight. We also may feel called to the Sacred Hunt Path which puts greater demand on our training. Our worst fear would be to injure and maim an animal with an untrained Shot. Fear not, if you follow our patch progression and train in as many additional Shikari Guilds as you can, then you will be ready for the Sacred Hunt.

Music (Instrument Crafting)

From the most ancient times, man has utilized music to uplift our spirits and bring us together. For our ancestors to be able to make music they had to be able to make an Instrument. Making musical instruments is an incredible expression of the craft. The Music Guild will call upon all of your best harvesting and woodworking as well as some advanced tuning skills. Just as an Archer can not fully appreciate their craft until they have made a bow, so too a musician can not fully appreciate their craft until they have made an Instrument.

Wood splitting

If Storytelling and music are the fabric of a community then Wood Splitting is the Hearth. The days are getting shorter and our fires are what will keep us warm through the coldest winter nights. But our wood must be chopped, stacked and cured for us to make a fire.  Splitting Wood teaches us all about the different trees in our area through the texture of their bark and the color and character of their wood. Just like the mighty Oak, this Guild will build strength and resolve both in you and in your community. 


Cooking Guild

Whether you are pit cooking a bundle of duck and nettle, steeping pine needle tea, slicing venison to make jerky or spit roasting a squirrel, knowledge of cooking and preserving is an essential survival skill. Not only is this Guild valuable knowledge, it is most fun.  Cooking is a deeply gratifying and essential element of culture. Your abilities in the Guild will allow you to honor the lives that provide for us while becoming a great steward of the wild.


Providers Quiz

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What is a tool used to split wood?

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What tree provided one of the most abundant food crop before colonization?

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What is a local Oak?

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What is a prized tree used for bowbuilding?

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