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It is a cold, dark  February night, as the first purple light of dawn illuminates the sky. Hidden in a tall spruce tree a barred owl calls to her mate. The dawn chorus won’t begin for another hour. Seated below the tree silently weaving a basket, with ears attuned to every sound, unshaken by the cold, is the poised Practitioner of the Ascetic Pathway. They are in their happy place… the liminal space between night and dawn, winter and spring. Their awareness and silence are unparalleled, their empathy supernatural.

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Sit Spot

Grandfather Stalking Wolf’s most important ritual was the Sit Spot. Throughout his entire life, as his Grandfather Coyote Thunder had shown him, he maintained this simple practice that he referred to as his Sacred Area or Medicine Place. Even during his nomadic journeys, he would stop for an hour or so at dawn and dusk to give thanks and pray. I was fortunate enough to get to visit Stalking Wolf’s Sacred Area in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The Sit Spot is the most essential core routine we teach at White Pine. It will deeply enhance all of your work in each of the 8 Shields. Whether you are cultivating a quiet mind, learning the language of the birds, hunting, tracking, or honing your survival skills, the Sit Spot will be your greatest Ally. This Guild will guide you through all of our favorite exercises to deepen your Sit Spot Practice.

Bird Language

Bird language is the universal language of the forest. From the Shikari trackers in the jungles of India, to the Apache Scouts of the desert Southwest to modern naturalists and hunters in the eastern deciduous woodlands, bird language is the apex awareness component that determines one’s ability to become invisible.


Fiber is what binds our world together. Everything from bowstrings and woven mats to fabric and textiles, the world of Cordage and Fiber is truly a lifelong Guild. Here is a list of some of our favorite species for Fiber and Cordage; Cottonwood, Black Locust, Mulberry, Osage, Willow, Cattail, Stinging Nettle, Dogbane, Milkweed, Yucca, and Flax. Additionally, all animals have super strong fiber in their hides, muscles, and tendons.

Baskets and Pots

Spend a day in the woods without a backpack or canteen and you’ll quickly learn why Traditional Cultures so highly valued in baskets, pots, and quivers. This is a diverse and exciting Guild that will keep you covered for Birthday and Holiday gift-giving forever. Get ready to learn all about weaving techniques, muds, clays, and additives as well as some great history about these items.

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