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Our ancestors were capable of picking up an animal trail and following it like a thread for miles until the animal could be found in their bed. Such incredible feets of awareness and skill are still alive today amongst traditional hunter gatherer cultures. Globally, the Tracking and Trailing Guilds are making a huge revival thanks to quality field guides, evaluations and communities like ours. Those with the detective mind and a passion to understand their place within the broader wildlife community, will find a home on the Trackers Pathway.

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Trailing is the art behind the “Science and Art of Tracking”. The San, the Akamba, the Seminole, the legendary Apache Scouts who could pick up a track like the end of a string and follow it to its source.  Stories like these seem far-fetched until you see them with your own eyes. Watch the Great Dance or the video of Ancestor Karoha trailing an antelope for 8 hours.

Trailing is an art where you can make advancements quickly, but it will call upon all the patience, drive and humility you can find.

Nature Museum

The Nature Museum Guild is probably the most gratifying guild in the entire Shikari system. Not only does it celebrate all of the Medicine connections you are making with the natural world, it showcases the items and skills you have been working so hard on. This is a partner guild with the Inside Sit Spot in the North, but instead of focusing on journaling and study routines, we will be focused on skull and bone preservation, shelving displays, legal precautions as well as upkeep and care.


Though Food is typically last on the Sacred Order and though you can live comfortably on foraged food for 30 days at a time, when the shelters have been built, when the friction fires are burning and the water source located, it is Trapping that becomes critical. Trapping can turn a two week survival trip into living comfortably in the wilderness indefinitely. Trapping can turn a week of starvation into an exhilarating adventure.

Trackers Council

Matt Shull
Amos Rodriguez
Nate Garvey
Zach Day
Alex Heninger
Adam Egerton
Andrew Lien