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Movement, Strength, Fighting and Play define the Protectors Path.  Often, those called in this direction have seen the dark side of bullying and aggression. Practitioners are driven by the physical expression of health and vitality. Here they find exuberance, courage, connection and fun.  With reflexes like a cat and awareness fixed on the perimeter of camp, Protectors sleep with one eye open.

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The Strength Guild on the Protectors Pathway is a dynamic system of bodyweight, ballistic, and functional strength. Strength is the master skill of fitness. It is the most useful. Conditioning that allows strength and power endurance are developed alongside the extremes of low-intensity endurance and maximal strength. Strength should be built gradually and carefully. All Southeast guilds should be supported with lots of rest, recovery, and a healthy diet.


We all feel the Primal need to protect our family and the innocent victim we may have a moral obligation to defend, at whatever cost. The Protector should have a working knowledge of all ranges of unarmed combat. This requires practice against resistance. Risk can be minimized, but not eliminated, by knowing where to go hard and where minimal contact should be applied. This allows consistent training. The Fighting Guild will cover the ranges of unarmed combat with fundamental techniques that take the shortest time to learn and apply. We will give you the experience and drills to take home to practice with friends and family. Nothing beats going to a class regularly to learn from a competent instructor. You will find a new level of camaraderie with your training partners, regardless of who wins and loses.


Movement includes all the possible shapes and patterns your body is capable of. It involves
coordinating your spine and limbs to express your intentions. Protectors explore simple and complex ways to address movement so that we can move well. We focus on spinal mobility and learning kinesthetic awareness, where your body is in space. We practice the full range of motion and many angles and loads to simulate the diverse challenges of nature.


Crawling through the woods in an intense game of Eagle Eye, contorting your body in the Matrix, or sprinting to exhaustion in an epic game of Life are a few examples of the peak experiences that come through games. From 4-year-olds to adults, people love games. Games connect us to each other, challenge us, break down inhibitions, educate us, and bring us to the high points of each day. All games can be adapted for the appropriate age and size of a group. An experienced Nature Mentor has dozens of games up her sleeve that she can pull out at a moment’s notice. Choose the right game for the time and place that you are in.

Protectors Council

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