A Shikari is a Mentor and Wilderness Guide. They live, move, breathe, and sleep seeking new learning and teaching opportunities. Stalking Wolf used to say, “In all things you must find a purpose greater than self”, that purpose for Stalking Wolf and for us is ‘To Teach’. Some of Stalking Wolf’s lessons like Go Ask The Mice, were masterful lessons in Coyote Mentoring. Other lessons were transmitted through stories or through living and embodying the teachings. Grandfather Ingwe used to say, “When an antelope no longer learns, then it is a dead boy.” Grandfather Ernie Shull’s 82 years of obsessive naturalist studies took him all across the planet. The Shikari Journey is a lifelong Quest of learning and teaching. The Path of the Mentor bears the most fruit because you always have a purpose greater than self. All of the Shields and Pathways will open their doors to you.