Tom Brown recently published a book called Heal The Earth, it is an essential resource for this Guild. Tom, through his book and his school, presents an interactive hands-on philosophy to land management. Humans have always been Caretakers of the Earth and they always will be, how well we are doing is the question. A healthy environment can be assessed through biodiversity, charged water systems, clean air and rich soil, abundant native species and few invasives, mature trees, etc. We must approach Caretaking with humility. I know a guy who removed all the honeysuckle in his backyard and two years later experienced devastating river bank erosion. Our goals and intentions may or may not be in line with the ‘greater plan’. What is that greater plan? How do you fit into it? And what is the Earth asking of you right now? These questions are what Cartaking is all about. You are going to make some mistakes, but that is ok, the Earth misses interacting with humans that care deeply for her, she rarely gets to experience it these days, so take your time, learn, listen, and try.