X is for experimentation, the essence of the Shikari Wilderness System.

SKILLS JOURNALS – The Skills Journals, mentioned above, accompany each advancing skill. These journals are for drawings and notes about successes and failures in techniques, materials etc. A sample Skills Journal completed by a Council Member is included with each Guild.

FIELD INVENTORY JOURNALS – Field Inventory Journals accompany the Medicine Area Guild and involve mapping, naming, inventory and seasonal observations.

SPECIES JOURNALS – Species Journals support the Science Guild and involve sketches, notes and research around specific species of plants and animals.

Take your time completing each of the Guild Challenges at the Coyote level of your Pathway. Complete All of the Journals for each challenge, write a final reflection, then scan and send in your research to

The Senior Evaluators and Elders of your Pathway will review your work and offer mentoring correspondence through email and video conference.

When the Council feels you are ready and have mastered the skills at that level you will be invited into the Council.

Then you can progress to the Wolf level within your Pathway of training and then Warrior, Shadow and Quest.

Each of these Council levels requires a significant investment of time, research, and experimentation, they are huge accomplishments. Each of the Shikari Councils regulates this process with discernment and care. As a Council Member you will become a representative of the Shikari System so we invite you to carry yourself as such. This guidance can be found in the Oath, Protocols and Prohibitions and correspondence with the Council.