Living Examples

In Eve Ball’s early 20th century interviews with the Western Apache she quotes elder Daklugie, ‘Our people roamed following the ripening foods, so that they could provide a year’s supply. They killed deer when venison was at its best, late in fall. They baked mescal in the spring when the blossom stalk was pushing through the leaves. And they gathered acorns and mesquite beans. They cached supplies in places near water and in strategic spots. When we traveled we followed the ridges. We prepared places for the helpless, the aged and the wounded. It was the ambition of every warrior to have the honor and responsibility of acting as a defender and provider of food for the helpless.’

The needs of the community and the competency to fulfill those needs, imbued the people, from a young age, with Peace and Purpose.

Daklugie goes on to say, ‘When we pray, we pray for courage. But above even courage is Power, the most valuable attribute that guides us throughout our lives.’

Eve Ball goes on to explain that Power is difficult to define as the Apache are reluctant to speak of it, but many in the community are in possession of it and it seems to come about through deep connection and asceticism.

The need for Traditional Cultures to advance community members from competent to confident, from capable to imbued with Power was likely a necessity. The void of Personal Power in the modern age is a substantial loss with tragic consequences.