How to Train with Shikari

Each Handbook is a manual designed to support your research, training and advancement as a Practitioner in that Pathway.

The Shikari System is comparable to a belt system in martial arts. Each Pathway follows the same cadence. It is possible and encouraged to train in multiple Pathways.

Coyote-  Requires at least one season of focused training.

Wolf- Requires several seasons of focused training.

Warrior-  Requires at least 1 year of focused training.

Shadow-  Requires several years of focused training.

Quest- Often requires a decade of training.

Each Pathway Guides the Practitioner through:

5 Skill based Guilds supported with Skills Journals.

1 Medicine Area Guild, supported with Field Inventory Journals

1 Science Guld, supported with Species Journals.

Please do not approach these handbooks as a comprehensive manual for any one particular skill. The Shikari System provides structure, support and correspondence for your advancement.

For example, harvesting a sapling and crafting a Selfbow is one of the subjects covered on the Survivors Pathway. The journey from making your first selfbow to making a perfectly tillered hunting bow will likely take several years and dozens of bows. The Traditional Bowyer’s Bibles are a comprehensive 4 volume series that will support your journey as a bowyer much more than the Shikari Handbooks alone. However the skills journals, scientific research and mentoring correspondence found in Shikari will support your journey as a bowyer much more than the Traditional Bowyer’s Bibles alone.

If you are motivated by the Sacred Hunt Quest, as most traditional bowyers are, then you will need to specialize as a bowyer, while synthesizing additional guilds like archery, and tracking. For synthesis, the Shikari System is irreplaceable. And all Quests will benefit from synthesizing your training.