Bands, Ties and Certs

(A Rite of Passage into the Council)

The Shikari Band is made from grain off, brain tanned, smoked, deer hide. Bands are 60” long and 1 3/4” wide. The directions are marked as place holders for all of the Councils.

Shikari Ties are made from cotton cloth in the colors of green, tan, red, gray and white.Ties are 30” long and 1” wide.

The Tie is attached to the Band by making a small parallel slit in the middle of the Band with a knife. The Tie is slipped through the slit and tied with a slip knot.
If the student advances within the Council, the new Tie can replace the old one, in which case the old Tie should be burned. Shadow and Quest Ties should not be burned and should stay attached to the Band.
A Council includes all of the Ancestors, Elders, and Practitioners of that Pathway. The Council is in charge of maintaining the integrity of the Evaluations and thereby the integrity of the Council.

Ceremony/ Certification
The Ceremonial Rite of Passage into a Council is acknowledged with the gifting of a Band and or Tie by the Evaluator. This also involves Certification. The Council is then updated in our database, printed out for the relevant handbook and the wider Shikari community is notified.

Senior Evaluator
One that has earned side by side Shadow and Quest Ties is eligible to be a Senior Evaluator.

A Shikari is a Wilderness Guide, competent in each of the 9 Pathways and a specialist of at least 3.

Shikari Levels
Coyote- Senior Evaluator/ Elder of 3 Pathways
Wolf- Senior Evaluator/ Elder of 4 Pathways
Warrior – Senior Evaluator/ Elder of 5 Pathways
Shadow- Senior Evaluator/ Elder of 6 Pathways
Quest- Senior Evaluator/ Elder of 9 Pathways