We are not attempting to replace your practice in Yoga, Jiu Jitsu, rock climbing, hiking, birding, foraging, or meditating, rather, we are aiming to deepen your practice through augmenting it with the core routines of Shikari. Industry leaders and elders like Kelly Starrett have decades of research in the Mobility Guild. The CyberTracker Evaluation system that supports the Track and Sign and Trailing Guilds, the Newcomb’s Wildflower Identification System that supports the Foraging Guild, the Wilderness First Aid certification system that supports the Safety Guild and Jon Young’s Bird research that supports the Bird Language Guild, are The Wilderness Industry Standards. These Guilds only need to be contextualized within Shikari, while Guilds like Throwstick, Nature Museum and Medicine Place may have less than a handful of dusty old ethnography articles and will require a tactical presentation of skills as well as context. That context is always aiming towards the creation of holistic wilderness skills practitioners and communities.

One symptom of life in the digital age is nearly unlimited access to information. Youtube university is an ever expanding database of free wilderness skills guidance, we’ve included playlist links to our favorite videos for each Guild.

What you won’t find on YouTube is the heart and soul of the Shikari Wilderness Correspondence System- competent mentoring that builds towards evaluated Rites of Passage.