Go deep into the skills experience. See what you have yet to see.


Teen Overnights on the White Pine campus are awesome! Teens unplug and enjoy the great outdoors while making friends. All the focus, fun, stories, guilds, games and missions of our usual camps, with the backdrop of campfires, night cover, and a full 28 hours to explore.

So many opportunities await you: train deep into a Shikari Wilderness Pathway of your interest, receive one-on-one mentoring, and learn more about packing and caching gear. Overnights are a prerequisite to our exciting backcountry expeditions offered a couple times each year.


Overnights are open to teens of all experience levels. They are great for teens returning from Summer Camp, Teen Forest School, or a new student that is interested in diving deep into aboriginal skills progression and nature connection.


  • Saturday 11:00 AM to Sunday 3:00 PM, at our Rocky Ripple campus
  • $100
  • Two meals provided
  • Sleep in the yurt or on the grounds


For any questions, please reach out to matt@whitepinewilderness.org

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