What should my kid bring to class?

Check out this list of suggested gear for your kid’s time at White Pine. Please know that all of the info below is a guideline for gear. Our years of work with children and being outdoors have provided some insight as to what works well. However, we will work with whatever you’re able to provide. Please do not put your family in financial hardship because of the cost of gear. Look for our Gear Swap event in the fall, where you can find lots of great secondhand gear.

Our Everyday Gear Requirements for attending White Pine include:

» Durable backpack, with multiple pockets and a place for a waterbottle

» 1+ carabiner, attached to backpack to hang on a rope in the field

» 1 filled water bottle (at least 32+ oz), LABELED with your kid’s name (This is one of the most frequently left-behind items, and we want it to return home with your kid!)

» 1 camp mug

» Planetbox Rover stainless steel lunchbox (or similar durable lunchbox) LABELED with your kid’s name

» Packed lunch (no refrigeration, boiling water, or microwave requirements)

» 2 healthy snacks (no refrigeration, boiling water, or microwave requirements)

» Change of clothes – 2 sets

» Plastic bags to transport soiled clothes


For specific Warm Weather and Cold Weather gear suggestions, please check out our Family Guidebook.