Is each class different or will my child be doing the same thing next time?

We have several families that enroll their kid in more than one day a week at White Pine. In the case of Tree Frogs and After-School, each class day has a different lesson plan prepared by that instructor. In the case of Flying Squirrels and Scouts full day programs, instructors typically prepare a similar lesson plan for both days of that week. 

However, with nature as our classroom, each day is filled with new adventures that change the course of our day. It is very typical for even just the weather to vary from day-to-day in the span of one week, which changes the lesson plans slightly each time. Each class moves through similar stories and guilds, but in it’s own unique way. Families that have a kid enrolled in more than one day a week tell us that the differences are plenty enough to keep their kid interested and engaged week after week.

Our Core routines revolve around shelter, fire, water, and food. We work on focus skills such as carving, fire building, and foraging. Awareness skills we cover include sit spot, bird language, and tracking. We cover wandering skills including navigation and reading the forest, as well as research and academic work like journaling and taxonomy.