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Our Pathways philosophy represents five major lifetime journeys. As opposed to a course, a Pathway is a commitment, a passion, an obsession.

White Pine Wilderness Academy offers multiple classes for each Pathway throughout the year. A student can focus on one Pathway or multiple Pathways depending on their time, interest and skill. Pathways are taught by experienced instructors, all with decades of experience.

We Stay Free.

Pathways Philosophy

01 Pathways in Traditional Societies

For traditional societies these Pathways were sacred guilds, filled with ceremony, sacrifice, and prohibition. This was not only essential for the preservation of information in an oral tradition, it also ensured the holistic integration of generations of hard earned knowledge.

02 Integration of Western and Traditional Cultures

At White Pine we are a part of a global Indigenous Skills/ Nature Connection Revolution. Our goal is to integrate the scientific, technological, ecological and cultural advancements of Western and Traditional cultures. We do this out of a sense of urgency that humans have to connect to the earth. Humbly, with the guidance of Elders we forge our own path. We are not Lakota, we are not European, we are not American. We are modern people with ancient DNA creating new Human Pathways.

03 Pathways in Practice

To foster the flourishing of culture around each of the Pathways we encourage students to return. For those who have been on the Path for some time, we offer increasingly complex curriculum as well as volunteer and mentorship roles. At the center of the Pathway Philosophy sits the Elders, those who have walked down each of the directions to mastery and returned. Here in the center, the fire of ancient wisdom still burns.