Primitive Skills Lineage

The Primitive Skills lineage was founded by Errett Callahan in the United State Southwest. The society sought to promote the practice and teaching of aboriginal skills, foster communication between teachers and practitioners, and set standards for authenticity, ethics, and quality.

We are greatly indebted to the Primitive Skills movement that has raised the bar of expertise and professionalism in the ‘Survival Skills’ world. Tracing all the way back to Grandfather Ishi and the work of Carl Pope and Art Young, we see the emergence of an overwhelming sense of value and need to document that which was being lost. The movement owes itself to dedicated skills practitioners and experimental archeologists like Errett Callahan, Jim Hamm, Tim Baker, Paul Wescott, Jim Riggs and countless other ‘mountain men’ and visionaries who had the wisdom to save and revitalize the skills that were being lost.